Oh Hey, Friday!

It's Friday, and we are definitely excited about it.  We had an interesting beginning to the week.  Hallie and I had something cold like at the beginning of the week, and Hubby thought he was getting the stomach flu so we all hung out at the house and almost went nuts :)
But...The week got more interesting.

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1. GRIFFIN WENT POO POO IN THE POTTY!  We have been waiting and waiting and waiting for this moment.  We have bribed him, bought all the cool underpants, potty seat, stool.  You name it, we've done it.  I know everyone says, "He will get in when he's ready."  We have to help him know when he's ready.  He will bring me diapers and wipes and ask to be changed, talk about it non stop,  flush the toilet, use the stool to wash his hands by himself, and he tells me when he's going #2.  That seems ready to me.  Only one problem.  The kid doesn't WANT to do it.  Well, yesterday morning I was getting ready, and I put him on the potty beside me in our bathroom.  He sat there for a while.  He all of the sudden tried to get down in a hurry, and I insisted he sit there a bit longer.  And then, HE DID IT!  We clapped and cheered, called Daddy and all the grandparents.  Then of course, when Daddy got home we went to Target to get Ryder's Pup Pad as promised.  He was so happy.  We tried it again this morning.  He had to sit there longer, but he did it again!! There is a catch, though.  Both mornings, he peed in the floor after getting down.  Ha. You win some. You lose some I guess.  Any tips on getting the pee pee off the floor and into the potty are welcome.  And, yep, we've done the cheerios as targets, the seat, the stool, the tree, and "be like Daddy!"  I'm hoping we have it down soon!

2. I love to read random "Mom Articles" people share on Facebook while I'm breastfeed or holding a sleeping baby.

This one will make you laugh.

This one will make you cry, but in a good way.

This one will make you feel good about yourself :)

3. Griffin and I had a date at Chikfila.  He was such a good boy.  Every time we go out together alone these days, I remind myself that this is how it used to be.  Just the two of us during the day, and I know he has to miss it because I surely do.  We should do it more.  Way more.

4. We have ants.  The tiny black ones, and they are taking my sanity.  We had the bug guy come to spray, but that takes 3-5 days. I admit, with a toddler, it is hard to keep the house 100% crumb free, but this is just craziness.  He said they probably didn't invade our house because of the food.  It is so hot out, they are looking for water.  Find your own water tiny black ants.  I'm over it.  I got kicked out of the kitchen the other day because I was getting angrier and angrier every time I saw one, like each one was there to attack me personally.  If our biggest problem is a bunch of thirsty ants, I think I'll survive :)

5.  Also, She is CUTE!

Happy Friday!


Pinday Wednesday

We have all been a little sick over here since the weekend, and that means we were about to lose our minds.  I have mentioned my undying LOVE for Pinterest before, and I really do try do some of the things I find.  I'm at at 5% success rate and going strong :)

This week we made homemade slime.  A late 80s/90s kid such as myself would refer to this ask "GAK."  It was a HIT.  I'm talking about hours of entertainment.

You can find the website HERE.

We did add a little more glue than it called for.  It only takes a little Borax so one box will last forever, and now is the perfect time to stock up on glue since its back to school time around here.

Griffin helped me mix it together.  When we needed to use our hands to finish it, he started crying because he didn't want to touch it. Ha.

It took him a minute, but he came around.

He always wants to make mustaches :)

I think we will make this in all colors of the rainbow in the near future.

Happy Pinning!


Oh Hey, Friday!

Happy Friday Friends!
This week has gone by super fast, and we didn't really do much.  It has been super rainy here, and when it isn't raining, the humidity is NUTS.  We have a ton to do this weekend. 
On the short list we have:
Clean the playroom, sort through toys and make a large donation somewhere
Finish the beautiful wooden front door that has been in the garage for six months
paint the shutters
AND laundry, laundry and more laundry.
We will see how much of that gets done :)

Now for my Friday Five:

1.  About that door.  I want it to look something like this on the outside, and use the same color on the inside.  We do have dark wood floors though so that is holding us up.

I would like something like these, but I'm worried I will hate it and be stuck with it for a year because that's how we do things around here :) (Ahem, our bedroom wall color that I hate, Ahem).

2. iPhone Photos that I love 

I love when I catch them being sweet.

3.  Have you seen those little shorts on the Disney Channel called "TSUM TSUM?"
If not, watch here.
Griffin is OBSESSED with watching these little videos on my phone, and they have little stuffed ones at Target.  We got him the Mickey a while ago, and he just recently requested the rest of them.  And by requested, I mean lay in bed refusing to sleep and repeating all of their names for an HOUR.  It was 11 pm, and I wanted to throw TSUM TSUM Mickey out the window :)

4.  Organizing photos is something I love to do.  It used to be so easy when we would just use our camera for special events and occasions.  Now with our smart phones our whole family takes pictures of every cute expression, outfit, outing, etc.  I LOVE it, don't get me wrong, but it can make sorting through and printing pictures a major task.  When we had Hallie, I started to freak out about all the pictures on my computer of Griffin and our family that I was certain would get lost forever.  That is the cause of this.

And I have 600 more photos waiting in my cart on Snapfish.  We will have photo albums to look at when we are old, if it's the last thing I do!  :)

5.  And finally, it hard to believe this 

was caused by this sweet angel here,

but it was, and is everyday, and I wouldn't change a thing.

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Happy Friday!



Photos by Griffin

Griffin LOVES stealing my iPhone and taking 100+ pictures at a time.  He manages to get a few keepers every now and then.  I love to go through them to see what he finds picture worthy (and delete the tons of pictures of the rug or roof of the car).

Meet Puppy.

And Brownie.

He took all of these from his car seat, AND he changed it to black & white all on his own.

"As seen by Griffin"

I love Hallie's cheeks in this photo.

My eyes are almost open.

Daddy's eyes in the mirror.

These sweet feet.

I think we may have a little photographer on our hands :)


Sunday Funday

The day pretty much got away from us on Saturday.  We ran errands and cleaned up around the house.  It was 5 o'clock, and we had done nothing fun so we decided to make the most of Sunday.  Hallie and I stayed home for one more week and watched the sermon online, while Daddy and Griffin went off to church.  When they got home, we packed lunches and headed out.  We went to visit a friend with a new baby, and then headed to another friend's house to use their pool while in the hospital having a little one of their own.  We were so excited to have a pool all to ourselves so Griffin could be as wild and crazy as he wanted, and I could nurse Hungry Hallie while watching all of the fun.  Hallie and I were going to get in also, but it decided to monsoon so we had to stay under cover.  I still managed to get some pictures of all of the action.  Thank goodness the iphone 6 can zoom. :)

Clearly our little guy had the time of his life.  If we are ever lucky enough to own a house with a pool one day, he will be the happiest camper.  

We continued the fun later that evening by heading to the drive-in to see the Minion Movie.  We broke every parenting rule known to man since the movie didnt start until after dark.  We baked cookies, ordered a pizza, had popcorn and popsicle.  We watched the first half of the movie and headed out because it was just too hot out for Hallie.  She was sleeping on me, but she over heated and couldn't get comfortable again.  We decided on the way home it was completely worth the trip.  Griffin had so much fun, and that's all that matters.  

We know he is only 2 1/2 and won't remember days like this.  Oh, but WE will.  Seeing our boy have too much fun to handle is the best kind fun for us.  It's totally worth breaking the rules every now and then.  At least he will always have the pictures to look back and know he had some pretty awesome days and was so very loved.


Oh Hey, Friday!

It's finally Friday, and to a Mama of a 2 1/2 year old and a 3 month old, that prettyyyyy exciting.  We have no out of town plans, or any other plans actually, and that feels pretty awesome.  I'm linking up with September Farm and The Farmer's Wife today for Oh Hey, Friday!

We went fishing on Sunday at a friend's farm.  Griffin caught his first fish, and he LOVED it.  I see many, many more fishing trips in our future.  Let's just hope sissy loves it as much as we all do.  

They also have some new kittens in the barn.  Griffin had never seen a kitten in person before, and he was in love.  We may have a sweet little kitten in our future :).

2.   Apparently this is my Mama-type.  This is what hours of breastfeeding per day will do.

3.   I've been working on baby-wearing with my girl.  I didn't ever try with Griffin.  I just never really gave it a thought until it was much too late.  My Mommy friends with two littles all told me life would be much easier if I could wrap Hallie up.  I love it, and she's getting there.  She seems to like it better now that she is a little bigger.  I think its more comfortable for her legs.  We did a TEST Target trip with Griffin in the buggie, Hallie in the K-Tan, and Daddy along for the ride.  I think I can manage a trip on my own with my wild man and little lady.  Bribes will be involved.   

4.  Iced coffee PSA.  This stuff is awesome.  i found it at target this week, and I will drink it until Fall when I switch back to my one cup a day of hot coffee.

5.  We've been struggling a bit every afternoon when my no-nap little guy is over me feeding Sissy for the 5th time, and Daddy is STILL not home.  We decided we need to do fun things during the week, after work more often.  It's super hot out, and Hallie is too little to be outside a lot during the day so we are getting cabin fever an average of 5 days a week over here.  So we decided to go to a different park one afternoon.  He quickly spotted the splash pad and decided the awesome playground equipment was much too hot.  Not having planned for this, the old me would have said maybe another day, but we just went with it.  He had a blast.  A accidental afternoon at the splash pad in our clothes was just what we all needed.  So much fun! Droopy drawers and all.

It was baths all around when we got home, and this sweet girl smiled her biggest smile.

Happy Friday!


Boy Pregnancy vs Girl Pregnancy

I was one of those women that had strong feelings during each of my pregnancies.  With Griffin, I really thought he was a boy from the very beginning.  Not sure if that feeling came from both of us wanting to have a boy first or if there really is such a thing as Mother's intuition.  I had a strong feeling the second time around that we would be having a girl.  I did have some pretty major differences between the two.

I started to feel the morning sickness with both at about 6 weeks.  I only had a few actual getting sick episodes with each, but I felt MISERABLE, and could barely eat.  With Griffin, I lost about 10 pounds, and I lost around 8 with Hallie.  I found that I could drink smoothies and eat grilled chicken and a baked potatoes for dinner.  (That is until I added BBQ sauce to my chicken one night).  With Griffin, once it was over, it was over.  With my girl, I would think I was fine, and then it would just hit me.  Picture this: out shopping one morning with Griffin and the poor Hubby.  Driving down the interstate, and I get sick all of the sudden.  We can't stop fast enough so I reach for anything.  All I found was a Chikfila bag.  Note: A paper bag is not a great choice.  Side note: We were in our new car of a week.  I will let you use your imagination on the details, but I will say I headed straight for the shower, and my husband is a saint.

I had already experienced unexplained, out of control gestational diabetes with Griffin.  I prepared myself for this worst this time.  Since I had it before, the Dr. insisted I take the 3 hour glucose test at 8 weeks.  Morning sickness, fasting, and that nasty orange drink DO NOT MIX.  I barely failed the second hour so I had to do it again.  The next time, I got the same result so yep, AGAIN.  I took the three hour test three times. Not. Cool.  That was by far the worst part.  She said I failed, but only by a little each time.  We agreed that I would check my blood sugar myself occasionally and for the most part keep it to 3 snacks and 3 meals per day with around 30g of carbs.  I had a bad reading or two after some pasta and a pb&j, but it was manageable.  Much better than insulin every morning, and for that, I am thankful.

I will be very interested to see how I feel while pregnant with any future King Babies to see if I can predict on my own.  It will be a while, but we shall see!

                                         Baby #1                                                                   Baby #2