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Father's Day Gift

My Hubby loves some presents.  I knew he was looking forward to his first Father's Day, and I also knew his gift had to be off the charts.  I went back and forth many, MANY times and naturally consulted my go-to blogs and Pinterest.

I knew I wanted to get him a photo calendar for work, and Walgreens had some crazy good deals.  Since I basically force my son to take part in an all day baby photo shoot, this was easy.  I signed him up for a membership with Dollar Shave Club (awesome and a story for another day).  I also knew I wanted to get him something with scripture so I found an empty photo cube, added some favorite pictures, and a verse on top.  I went with this one:

"The Father of a righteous child has great joy;
a man who fathers a wise son rejoices in him."
Proverbs 23:24

Then, I spent days on Pinterest thinking of the perfect "sentimental" gift to make his first Father's Day special.  I had purchased a three picture frame from Target earlier in the week and was going to put the Bible verse in the center, but then, I found this, and I had to do it.

The extra photos from this little session are hilarious.  He had the letter in his mouth 95% of the time so I had to take it from him, hand it back, and snap the picture quickly to get a smile.  I ended up with several good choices, but I wanted each picture to look different and his head to be somewhat even so I went with these three.  LOVE them!

I used white sheets for a back drop and put one over his boppy.  I got the letters from A.C. Moore.  I first thought they were too big, but they turned out perfect.  I saw this idea on Pinterest and went for it.  I love Pinterest projects that don't require too much shopping or time.

He said this is the best present he has ever gotten.  Of course we added to it by putting "Reasons Why I Love Daddy" on the back.

Father's Day 2013=Success

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  1. Anonymous5/19/2024

    Hi, I like your photos with the letters. Question, where did you get the picture frame?