Friday Five

It's finally Friday!

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I'm so ready for the weekend. We are traveling to Nashville to help some family, but even in Nashville I don't have to wake up 5:30 everyday. Woohoo. 

1.  First, Hallie has been successfully sleeping in her crib for over one week now! Considering her big brother took one, ONE, nap in his crib, EVER, that is a pretty large accomplishment. She still cries a little in the middle of the night, but we just go in and pat her sweet little back and off to dream land she goes. Yay, Hallie!

2.   I finally posted Hallie's sweet birth story HERE. I was so nervous and determined to have a successful VBAC, and we did it! 

3.   I think we are getting at least one bunny! My good friend had some accidental bunny babies, and we want one! I used these pictures to convince my husband.

It worked like a charm. Who could resist this?

4. We have been given so many tomatoes, we can't eat them fast enough. I need a good salsa recipe, and I'm lost. I have tried so many, and none of them taste just right to me. I need chunky, heat with good flavor?

5.  We finally have a ponytail, and I can't handle the cute!

Happy Friday!


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