Boy Pregnancy vs Girl Pregnancy

I was one of those women that had strong feelings during each of my pregnancies.  With Griffin, I really thought he was a boy from the very beginning.  Not sure if that feeling came from both of us wanting to have a boy first or if there really is such a thing as Mother's intuition.  I had a strong feeling the second time around that we would be having a girl.  I did have some pretty major differences between the two.

I started to feel the morning sickness with both at about 6 weeks.  I only had a few actual getting sick episodes with each, but I felt MISERABLE, and could barely eat.  With Griffin, I lost about 10 pounds, and I lost around 8 with Hallie.  I found that I could drink smoothies and eat grilled chicken and a baked potatoes for dinner.  (That is until I added BBQ sauce to my chicken one night).  With Griffin, once it was over, it was over.  With my girl, I would think I was fine, and then it would just hit me.  Picture this: out shopping one morning with Griffin and the poor Hubby.  Driving down the interstate, and I get sick all of the sudden.  We can't stop fast enough so I reach for anything.  All I found was a Chikfila bag.  Note: A paper bag is not a great choice.  Side note: We were in our new car of a week.  I will let you use your imagination on the details, but I will say I headed straight for the shower, and my husband is a saint.

I had already experienced unexplained, out of control gestational diabetes with Griffin.  I prepared myself for this worst this time.  Since I had it before, the Dr. insisted I take the 3 hour glucose test at 8 weeks.  Morning sickness, fasting, and that nasty orange drink DO NOT MIX.  I barely failed the second hour so I had to do it again.  The next time, I got the same result so yep, AGAIN.  I took the three hour test three times. Not. Cool.  That was by far the worst part.  She said I failed, but only by a little each time.  We agreed that I would check my blood sugar myself occasionally and for the most part keep it to 3 snacks and 3 meals per day with around 30g of carbs.  I had a bad reading or two after some pasta and a pb&j, but it was manageable.  Much better than insulin every morning, and for that, I am thankful.

I will be very interested to see how I feel while pregnant with any future King Babies to see if I can predict on my own.  It will be a while, but we shall see!

                                         Baby #1                                                                   Baby #2

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