Oh Hey, Friday!

It's finally Friday, and to a Mama of a 2 1/2 year old and a 3 month old, that prettyyyyy exciting.  We have no out of town plans, or any other plans actually, and that feels pretty awesome.  I'm linking up with September Farm and The Farmer's Wife today for Oh Hey, Friday!

We went fishing on Sunday at a friend's farm.  Griffin caught his first fish, and he LOVED it.  I see many, many more fishing trips in our future.  Let's just hope sissy loves it as much as we all do.  

They also have some new kittens in the barn.  Griffin had never seen a kitten in person before, and he was in love.  We may have a sweet little kitten in our future :).

2.   Apparently this is my Mama-type.  This is what hours of breastfeeding per day will do.

3.   I've been working on baby-wearing with my girl.  I didn't ever try with Griffin.  I just never really gave it a thought until it was much too late.  My Mommy friends with two littles all told me life would be much easier if I could wrap Hallie up.  I love it, and she's getting there.  She seems to like it better now that she is a little bigger.  I think its more comfortable for her legs.  We did a TEST Target trip with Griffin in the buggie, Hallie in the K-Tan, and Daddy along for the ride.  I think I can manage a trip on my own with my wild man and little lady.  Bribes will be involved.   

4.  Iced coffee PSA.  This stuff is awesome.  i found it at target this week, and I will drink it until Fall when I switch back to my one cup a day of hot coffee.

5.  We've been struggling a bit every afternoon when my no-nap little guy is over me feeding Sissy for the 5th time, and Daddy is STILL not home.  We decided we need to do fun things during the week, after work more often.  It's super hot out, and Hallie is too little to be outside a lot during the day so we are getting cabin fever an average of 5 days a week over here.  So we decided to go to a different park one afternoon.  He quickly spotted the splash pad and decided the awesome playground equipment was much too hot.  Not having planned for this, the old me would have said maybe another day, but we just went with it.  He had a blast.  A accidental afternoon at the splash pad in our clothes was just what we all needed.  So much fun! Droopy drawers and all.

It was baths all around when we got home, and this sweet girl smiled her biggest smile.

Happy Friday!

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  1. Awwww! Your little one's smile is beautiful. I have been looking for a good iced coffee. I might just have to try that one.