Oh Hey, Friday!

It's Friday, and we are definitely excited about it.  We had an interesting beginning to the week.  Hallie and I had something cold like at the beginning of the week, and Hubby thought he was getting the stomach flu so we all hung out at the house and almost went nuts :)
But...The week got more interesting.

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1. GRIFFIN WENT POO POO IN THE POTTY!  We have been waiting and waiting and waiting for this moment.  We have bribed him, bought all the cool underpants, potty seat, stool.  You name it, we've done it.  I know everyone says, "He will get in when he's ready."  We have to help him know when he's ready.  He will bring me diapers and wipes and ask to be changed, talk about it non stop,  flush the toilet, use the stool to wash his hands by himself, and he tells me when he's going #2.  That seems ready to me.  Only one problem.  The kid doesn't WANT to do it.  Well, yesterday morning I was getting ready, and I put him on the potty beside me in our bathroom.  He sat there for a while.  He all of the sudden tried to get down in a hurry, and I insisted he sit there a bit longer.  And then, HE DID IT!  We clapped and cheered, called Daddy and all the grandparents.  Then of course, when Daddy got home we went to Target to get Ryder's Pup Pad as promised.  He was so happy.  We tried it again this morning.  He had to sit there longer, but he did it again!! There is a catch, though.  Both mornings, he peed in the floor after getting down.  Ha. You win some. You lose some I guess.  Any tips on getting the pee pee off the floor and into the potty are welcome.  And, yep, we've done the cheerios as targets, the seat, the stool, the tree, and "be like Daddy!"  I'm hoping we have it down soon!

2. I love to read random "Mom Articles" people share on Facebook while I'm breastfeed or holding a sleeping baby.

This one will make you laugh.

This one will make you cry, but in a good way.

This one will make you feel good about yourself :)

3. Griffin and I had a date at Chikfila.  He was such a good boy.  Every time we go out together alone these days, I remind myself that this is how it used to be.  Just the two of us during the day, and I know he has to miss it because I surely do.  We should do it more.  Way more.

4. We have ants.  The tiny black ones, and they are taking my sanity.  We had the bug guy come to spray, but that takes 3-5 days. I admit, with a toddler, it is hard to keep the house 100% crumb free, but this is just craziness.  He said they probably didn't invade our house because of the food.  It is so hot out, they are looking for water.  Find your own water tiny black ants.  I'm over it.  I got kicked out of the kitchen the other day because I was getting angrier and angrier every time I saw one, like each one was there to attack me personally.  If our biggest problem is a bunch of thirsty ants, I think I'll survive :)

5.  Also, She is CUTE!

Happy Friday!


  1. Number 1 - yes same here. My son knows the drill on pottying (for number 2) but he fails to see it through. He came up to me just the other day and said, Mom I go potty. So we go to potty but he does nothing. Within five minutes he's hiding under my bed (fully dressed, thank God) grunting his head off. Why oh why?!?!?! I'm semi jealous your guy did it in the toilet.
    Number 3 - That's how I feel with my oldest (soon to be 8 years old). We had a date day just yesterday and it was wonderful. I feel mommy guilt sometimes with my oldest.
    Number 5 - Sweeeeeeeeet baby! I just love the chunky legs!!!! So precious.

    Have a fabulous weekend - I enjoyed visiting your blog from the link up!

    xo Amanda

    1. Thank You! We made lots of pee pee progress this week, but he will still go in his diaper/pull up/ pants ha. Slowly but surely :)

  2. She is cute!! And so is Griffin!! The potty is such a big hurdle - especially #2~ way to go! I hope everyone is feeling better!

    1. Thank You! We are feeling much better!

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