New Baby Obsession

Two Piece PJS

We are lucky enough to have friends with little boys a bit older than Griffin.  We get lots of hand me down clothes.  I love when we get new boxes to go through.  Up to this point, he has really only had the button or zipper jams with and without feet.  We love pjs and keep them on to play for a while in the morning.  In the 6-12 month boxes of clothes, we got several pair of two piece pajamas, and I couldn't wait to get our little cutie in them.

He sits straight up in the mornings and gives me this look.
Love it!

We play a lot in our pjs in the morning.  He's sleeps late for a baby, but when he wakes up, he's a happy kid.

I'm obsessed with baby pajamas, and he's obsessed with Mickey Mouse.  If he's happy, I'm happy.

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