These are a Few of our Favorite Things

I am loving Griffin's age right now.  He is slightly mobile, but he isn't totally into everything just yet.  He can army crawl and roll to get where he needs to go.  He is loves to laugh and play with his toys all day.  I can tell he definitely needs brothers and sisters because this kid does not like to be left alone to play.  I will happily leave the dishes and laundry for later to play with this sweet guy anytime.

This picture completely sums up his first summer.  We got this new stroller, and we are all obsessed.

In this picture, we are up by the pooling grilling, which is our FAVORITE things to do these days.  He loves bubbles, and lots of them, so he fell in love with his Hippo bubble blower from Grammie.  We have to take it with us when we hang out for entertainment.

He also has, and has had for quite sometime, an obssession with Mickey Mouse.  He loves watching Mickey Mouse Club House.  So much so that we have over 70 episodes saved on the DVR.  Though, that is mostly for my sanity because I'm pretty certain he could watch the same episode everyday and be perfectly happy.  If I really want to see the little guy excited, I put him in his bouncy seat and put on Mickey.  He smiles and jumps up and down when he hears "He-ey Everybody, It's ME, Mickey Mouse!"  Cutest ever!

We have also started playing in the floor a lot more lately.  We don't have that much extra floor space yet, but we are working on it.  For now, I lay a quilt down on the floor and about 10 toys, and we go to town.  He thinks it is so fun to grab my fingers and pull him self up.  I can leave him down there and watch him play for a little bit while I multi-task, but he quickly finds himself off the quilt and over in a corner.

He also has a strange obssession with EVERYTHING he is not allowed to have.  He loves my cell phone charger, my phone, the remote, all water bottles, my food, shoes, my toes, hair, and necklace, paper, and last but not least, Wiley.  We have two dogs, Wiley and Luna, and he and Luna love each other.  Wiley is warming up to the idea of him, but he has longer hair, which is perfect for pulling.  We may have to shave him.  Seriously. 

I have heards lots of Moms say each new age will be your favorite, and so far they are correct.  

Love you, Little Guy!

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