8 Month Photos

Little Man celebrated his 8 Month Birthday on 8-6-13.

I wanted to celebrate with a few pictures.  He is getting so big, and I want to remember every stage.  The only issue is, we don't have enough wall space for all of the precious pictures I print.

As earlier mentioned, I take a TON of pictures of this guy.  Candid, posed, everything, but I have quickly learned, he has a lot of stuff, and so do we.  If I don't clear the area first,  I have a bunch of pictures with a MESS in the background.  I borrowed my Dad's "good camera," and we headed outside on a cloudy afternoon.  It had to be overcast, because he and I both have "I can't smile with my eyes open when the sun is in my face" in an awful way.  We took a few things to distract him, a book, and hat.

I LOVE the way they turned out.

This one is already printed, in a frame and waiting for a spot on the wall.

So is this one.

We went outside and found a hill so the background would be only grass.  We did have a minor bug problem, but I think they were bothering us more than him.  I think he could stay outside all day.  We might have a problem when winter rolls around.  He doesn't seem to mind having his picture taken either, which is great news for this girl.  I have learned a lot of baby picture taking tricks so beware future King babies.

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