Five on Friday

It's FINALLY Friday!  We have had a very interesting week, and I'm counting down the hours until it is officially the weekend.  I'll be linking up with The Good Life, A. Liz Adventures, Carolina Charm, and Hello Happiness for Five on Friday!

1.  We are sick, sick, sick over here this week.  I thought allergies had Hubby and I under the weather,  but Griffin is now down for the count also and oh, so pitiful.  We broke down and went to the doctor, and he officially has his first antibiotic.  I can't complain at all since we made it almost 16 months without anything.  We hope he feels better soon.

2.  Don't let those sad eyes fool you.  Just because he is sick, doesn't mean he won't get into ANYTHING in his reach :). Love him.


On the upside, this is the first time he has actually used a spoon correctly.  The food usually goes flying.

3.  We signed some papers and made an offer on a home to lease for year with intent to purchase.  We have no control over the situation any longer, and have decided if we get it, it was meant to be our home.  If we don't, there is something better for us.  Now we have to wait until Monday for an answer.

Yes, that is SNOW.  This picture was taken on Tuesday.  It was 70 yesterday.  

4.  We are trying not to get ahead of ourselves on the house front, but the entire thing needs paint, and let's be honest, we would anyway.  Also, coming from an apartment with exactly 3 windows, going to a house with no blinds, we NEED curtains!  I found these today, and eventually, they will be mine.

5.  I agreed to judge some middle school cheerleading tryouts today for one of my sweet teacher friends.  I was supposed to have one or two others help me, but she told me they all cancelled so it just me and the fate of 19 middle school girls :).  I now know its not as life-altering as it seems, but I've been there before so Wish me luck!



Pins I Love

Every night when my guys are snoring by 10:30,  I have a little ME time.  I usually watch one of my shows the Hubby doesnt appreciate, and pin until my little heart is content.  One would think I was getting paid for it, but no.  I am just obsessed.  I always love a good recipe find, but lately, I have been pinning DIY home projects, furniture, and room redos.  We are looking at houses constantly, and everytime we see one we are somewhat interested in, my "Pinterest Wheels" start to turn.

The apartment we have lived in for two years is really nice and had a fresh coat of paint when we moved in.  Beige.  It's a pretty enough color, but not what I would have chosen.  The cabinets are light wood, the countertops are white, and the carpet and tile are, yep, beige.  I am done with beige as soon as I have an option.  I love light grey for main living spaces, but I have found some rooms with a little color that look amazing.

This would be our safe choice.

I really like this color, but I wouldn't want it to look too beachy.

Same color in a finished room.

LOVE this framing!

My Favorite (with a different rug).

One day soon we will be in our own home, painting and DIYing.  My pinterest account will likely cause a shut down of some sort.  


Five on Friday

Today, I decided to do the link up with The Good LifeA. Liz Adventures, and Caroline Charm.  I always love reading these, and it looks fun so here we go!

1.  I just got some new tennis shoes on clearance, and I love them!  Now we just need the weather to keep cooperating so I can actually wear them outside instead of around the house.

2.  I am going on a Memorial Day bachelorette party in Charleston, and I am so excited to be at the beach!  I am not so excited about leaving Griffin for so long, and wearing a bathing suit in front of ten girls, none of which have had a baby.  My post breastfeeding bod has left me with only one swimsuit top that fits.  I am on the hunt for something new and fun.  I have one top so far, and I'm thinking a black bottom?

3.  We are house hunting.  We are looking for the PERFECT house for us, and it is hard.  Very hard.  We need a house with a yard, a fence, a deck, 3-4 bedrooms, and in one of two popular school districts.  I pray for patience everyday and keep reminding myself that God has a better plan than I do, and if we dont find our house now and have to rent another year, there is a reason.

4.  I want a water table for Griffin.  We have a very small back deck where we live now, and I would like for it to fit out there.  I would need to be able to walk all the way around it so it can't be too big, but I also need it to be sturdy.  Someone does live below us, and I would hate to soak them!  I'm thinking about this one or this one?

5.  We went to the Knoxville Zoo today!  We had lots of fun with one of my good friends and her two boys.  Griffin has finally ended his stroller strike so we can start going on more walks during the day. We have a zoo membership so this was just the first of MANY visits this year.

Trying to decide where to go next :)

He LOVED the slide right before we left.  It is spring break here this week so it was way too crowded to let him roam around in the play place, but when all the kiddos go back to school, I will let him loose!

Happy Friday!


Happy Spring!

It's the first day of Spring, and we have been taking full advantage every day we've been teased with warmer weather.  Griffin LOVES going outside.  I thought my keys we locked in the car today so we walked out to check.  When we came back in, he went into a full blown melt down.  We go on walks, kick the soccer ball, and "play golf" (carry the club) any chance we get.  We are waiting impatiently by the door everyday for the hour or two it is warm enough to go with out a jacket.  We can't wait to get him more outside toys.  So far he likes bubbles for a little while, and he loves playing with a ball, but he mostly just likes to explore.  

When he is outside, he forgets his name and speed walks.

Our friends got a new trampoline for Christmas.  He LOVES their big one, but is terrified of the little one at Gym Bugs.  Who knows.

"Don't talk to me right now."

He is obsessed with his new golf set from Grammie.  Poor Luna's head (our big dog) isn't loving his new toy.  I just love this age so much.  He gets crazy excited for playing with everyone and new toys!  Summer time is going to be all kings of fun and LOTS of sunscreen!  It's supposed to be sunny and 70 tomorrow.  Fingers crossed for stroller cooperation :)


Mini Photo Shoot

A few days before Griffin's first birthday, I found a local photographer who does mini sessions.  I have died and gone to photo heaven.  I had been trying to rationalize doing a full session like I did for his one year photos, and my husband brought me back to reality so when I found this option, I jumped on it.  Our original day turned into an icy mess so we rescheduled and went to a park in Maryville.  I absolutely love the way they turned out.

{Looks JUST like Daddy here}

{I'm convinced these lashes are why stangers say, "What a pretty GIRL."}

I just love every single one of these pictures!  He is such a little explorer, she had to chase him all over the place to get decent pictures.  We have an Easter Mini Session with a bunny and chicks so I'm looking for the perfect outfit and hoping he's in the mood to smile :)

Linking up with Kristin at Mama & Mou 


Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Last year I remember dressing Griffin in cute outfits and taking nearly 100 pictures of him trying to capture a smile.  Yes, he had two outfits :)

This year, I am chasing him around he house with the camera trying to get at least ONE picture that isn't a blur!

I also tried to have him eat some festive treats.  He would not eat the cupcakes I made for him last night, and he picked out all of the Lucky Charms I gave him this morning.  Oh well.  Maybe he is a future health nut.  Broccoli for dinner it is!