Five on Friday

Today, I decided to do the link up with The Good LifeA. Liz Adventures, and Caroline Charm.  I always love reading these, and it looks fun so here we go!

1.  I just got some new tennis shoes on clearance, and I love them!  Now we just need the weather to keep cooperating so I can actually wear them outside instead of around the house.

2.  I am going on a Memorial Day bachelorette party in Charleston, and I am so excited to be at the beach!  I am not so excited about leaving Griffin for so long, and wearing a bathing suit in front of ten girls, none of which have had a baby.  My post breastfeeding bod has left me with only one swimsuit top that fits.  I am on the hunt for something new and fun.  I have one top so far, and I'm thinking a black bottom?

3.  We are house hunting.  We are looking for the PERFECT house for us, and it is hard.  Very hard.  We need a house with a yard, a fence, a deck, 3-4 bedrooms, and in one of two popular school districts.  I pray for patience everyday and keep reminding myself that God has a better plan than I do, and if we dont find our house now and have to rent another year, there is a reason.

4.  I want a water table for Griffin.  We have a very small back deck where we live now, and I would like for it to fit out there.  I would need to be able to walk all the way around it so it can't be too big, but I also need it to be sturdy.  Someone does live below us, and I would hate to soak them!  I'm thinking about this one or this one?

5.  We went to the Knoxville Zoo today!  We had lots of fun with one of my good friends and her two boys.  Griffin has finally ended his stroller strike so we can start going on more walks during the day. We have a zoo membership so this was just the first of MANY visits this year.

Trying to decide where to go next :)

He LOVED the slide right before we left.  It is spring break here this week so it was way too crowded to let him roam around in the play place, but when all the kiddos go back to school, I will let him loose!

Happy Friday!

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