Mini Photo Shoot

A few days before Griffin's first birthday, I found a local photographer who does mini sessions.  I have died and gone to photo heaven.  I had been trying to rationalize doing a full session like I did for his one year photos, and my husband brought me back to reality so when I found this option, I jumped on it.  Our original day turned into an icy mess so we rescheduled and went to a park in Maryville.  I absolutely love the way they turned out.

{Looks JUST like Daddy here}

{I'm convinced these lashes are why stangers say, "What a pretty GIRL."}

I just love every single one of these pictures!  He is such a little explorer, she had to chase him all over the place to get decent pictures.  We have an Easter Mini Session with a bunny and chicks so I'm looking for the perfect outfit and hoping he's in the mood to smile :)

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  1. OMGSH these pictures are absolutely adorable!!!!!!!! The one of the 2 of you and the sun behind it---amazing!!!

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    1. That is so sweet! Thank you! I am crossing my fingers for another good mood for the next round :)