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Every night when my guys are snoring by 10:30,  I have a little ME time.  I usually watch one of my shows the Hubby doesnt appreciate, and pin until my little heart is content.  One would think I was getting paid for it, but no.  I am just obsessed.  I always love a good recipe find, but lately, I have been pinning DIY home projects, furniture, and room redos.  We are looking at houses constantly, and everytime we see one we are somewhat interested in, my "Pinterest Wheels" start to turn.

The apartment we have lived in for two years is really nice and had a fresh coat of paint when we moved in.  Beige.  It's a pretty enough color, but not what I would have chosen.  The cabinets are light wood, the countertops are white, and the carpet and tile are, yep, beige.  I am done with beige as soon as I have an option.  I love light grey for main living spaces, but I have found some rooms with a little color that look amazing.

This would be our safe choice.

I really like this color, but I wouldn't want it to look too beachy.

Same color in a finished room.

LOVE this framing!

My Favorite (with a different rug).

One day soon we will be in our own home, painting and DIYing.  My pinterest account will likely cause a shut down of some sort.  

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