Happy Spring!

It's the first day of Spring, and we have been taking full advantage every day we've been teased with warmer weather.  Griffin LOVES going outside.  I thought my keys we locked in the car today so we walked out to check.  When we came back in, he went into a full blown melt down.  We go on walks, kick the soccer ball, and "play golf" (carry the club) any chance we get.  We are waiting impatiently by the door everyday for the hour or two it is warm enough to go with out a jacket.  We can't wait to get him more outside toys.  So far he likes bubbles for a little while, and he loves playing with a ball, but he mostly just likes to explore.  

When he is outside, he forgets his name and speed walks.

Our friends got a new trampoline for Christmas.  He LOVES their big one, but is terrified of the little one at Gym Bugs.  Who knows.

"Don't talk to me right now."

He is obsessed with his new golf set from Grammie.  Poor Luna's head (our big dog) isn't loving his new toy.  I just love this age so much.  He gets crazy excited for playing with everyone and new toys!  Summer time is going to be all kings of fun and LOTS of sunscreen!  It's supposed to be sunny and 70 tomorrow.  Fingers crossed for stroller cooperation :)

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