Five on Friday

It's FINALLY Friday!  We have had a very interesting week, and I'm counting down the hours until it is officially the weekend.  I'll be linking up with The Good Life, A. Liz Adventures, Carolina Charm, and Hello Happiness for Five on Friday!

1.  We are sick, sick, sick over here this week.  I thought allergies had Hubby and I under the weather,  but Griffin is now down for the count also and oh, so pitiful.  We broke down and went to the doctor, and he officially has his first antibiotic.  I can't complain at all since we made it almost 16 months without anything.  We hope he feels better soon.

2.  Don't let those sad eyes fool you.  Just because he is sick, doesn't mean he won't get into ANYTHING in his reach :). Love him.


On the upside, this is the first time he has actually used a spoon correctly.  The food usually goes flying.

3.  We signed some papers and made an offer on a home to lease for year with intent to purchase.  We have no control over the situation any longer, and have decided if we get it, it was meant to be our home.  If we don't, there is something better for us.  Now we have to wait until Monday for an answer.

Yes, that is SNOW.  This picture was taken on Tuesday.  It was 70 yesterday.  

4.  We are trying not to get ahead of ourselves on the house front, but the entire thing needs paint, and let's be honest, we would anyway.  Also, coming from an apartment with exactly 3 windows, going to a house with no blinds, we NEED curtains!  I found these today, and eventually, they will be mine.

5.  I agreed to judge some middle school cheerleading tryouts today for one of my sweet teacher friends.  I was supposed to have one or two others help me, but she told me they all cancelled so it just me and the fate of 19 middle school girls :).  I now know its not as life-altering as it seems, but I've been there before so Wish me luck!


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