Ten Movies I Will Watch Over And Over

There is just something about a good movie on TV on a weekend afternoon that really makes me happy. I'm not a napper. Never have been, other than a brief time in college when my normal bedtime was 3 am. I'm just bad at it. It takes me forever to fall asleep, and if I do, I'm a total grump when I wake up. I can totally "rest" on the couch with a cold drink and a good movie. 

Growing up, every Sunday afternoon in my house was nap time. My parents lived for these naps, and still do, but now they have no kids at home and average 1-2 naps per day. This left my little brother and me to our own devices, and he was a much better napper. One can only jump on the trampoline and swing by yourself for so long. Some days it was all war movies, but other days it was like finding gold.

My list of go to movies has changed a little over the years. I have several that I watch over and over. They just don't get old.

10. Runaway Bride
 I saw this in the theater when it came out. It makes me want it to be Fall all the time. And also, move to Maine.

9. A Cinderalla Story
I saw this in theaters as well. (Total Lizzie Maguire girl right here.) 

Fun Fact: I fell in love with the scene where they go out and dance alone at the empty wedding. When I saw it, I said I would walk down the aisle to that music. Sure enough, my husband and I hired a guitarist and violinist to play the acoustic version of "I'll Be." Loved it! 

8. Sex and the City
This one is long, but sucks me in everytime. (The finale of the actual show does also). This movie is best watched when husband is not home. 

7. Bride Wars
This movie is why I picked my bridal bouquet. 

6. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
Classic for all girls my age. 

5. What to Expect  when You're Expecting 
The adoption is my absolute favorite. I cry everytime. 

4. Pitch Perfect

3. Hocus Pocus 
Maybe I making up for lost time because I was a little scared of this one for a while when I was little, but I wised up quickly. 

2. Sweet Home Alabama 
This movie also gets me wishing for fall and reminds me of home. 

1. Christmas Vacation 
This is my number one favorite movie of all time. NEVER.GETS.OLD. My husband feels the same. Some members of my family do not, ahem that little brother i mentioned earlier. He's a party pooper. Hopefully our kids are as cool as we are, and when it's age appropriate of course, they will know it all by heart as well. 


Oh Hey, Friday!

Oh what a crazy week it has been. We went from a slow, relaxing summer to madness overnight. Both kids are rebelling. Our sweet little girl prefers our quiet house (with the exception of her brother) to birthday parties, church, the store. She calms down the second we get home or the second company leaves. I've never seen anything like it. I can't say I blame her. I've been known to be a bit of a homebody myself.

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1. We were supposed to have family pictures taken this week. It's a longggg story, but I didn't end up with many newborn photos of Hallie. The few I have are great, but our whole family isn't really in them, and it makes me sad. We have a gift certificate for a family session that has been burning a hole in my pocket since 2013. Meant to be used in 2014, but it never worked out. We've been waiting to use it. My sweet husband, BLESS HIS HEART, tried to set something up. He got the date and time so we bought coordinating outfits and waited for her to answer him about the place we picked. Monday came and still nothing. I finally tracked down her phone number and sent her a text. Turns out, she asked him if Monday was fine, and he never answered her. For one month we were planning on these pictures, and she gave the spot to someone else after not hearing back from him for 7 days. Poor guy. In his mind, he said "yeah, sounds great." Maybe he forgot to hit send. We shall never know. This friends, is how we do it over here haha. Never a dull moment. Reschedule you say? Oh, no. Did I mention the photographer is nine months pregnant and being induced in a few days? I knew this could go one of two ways. I could allow steam to come out of my ears and my head spin off like I felt like doing, or I could try my best to remain calm. I'm so glad I wasn't mean to him because He knew it was a big uh oh, and had already left a message for a different photographer for an appointment next week before he even got home. I would have felt terrible. We may be a disorganized mess, but I sure do love that husband of mine.

2. I started teaching my first Sunday school class this week! I have the sweetest little group of kindergartners and the best helper. I have waves of guilt occasionally for not using my teaching degree. Every year about this time, I see and hear about all of the beginning of the new year excitement from teacher friends. Only an ex teacher would day dream of organizing papers, making charts, and using a staple gun to decorate bulletin board after bulletin board. I have always prayed I would be able to stay home with my babies one day, and I know in this stage of life, it's right where I belong. I am beyond blessed to have this little dream of mine come true. I think an hour each week talking about Jesus with a few kindergartners is just what I need! 

3. While I was teaching for the first time, Hallie had her first day in the nursery! I was a little nervous, but she did great. I taught my class, went down to nurse her, and then I made it just in time to hear the sermon. Then, We packed up and went home to enjoy the rest of the day all together. I tried to get some pictures, but she was pretty over the big pink dress by the time I got to it.

Trust me, she looked super sweet in that dress. 

4. Then the big day came, and Griffin went to school for the first time. I posted about that HERE. So far only a few tears, and a whole lotta cute! 

5. All I have to say is thank goodness for good friends with kids who understand little babies who only want Mama and toddlers who lose their minds at Chikfila. I don't know if I could do life without them. Three cheers for iced coffee, chicken minis, and an escape proof play area! 

Happy Friday! 


Hallie Bell 4 Months

Our little Hallie turned 4 months on August 7th. We took her for a check-up on the 13th, and she has grown so much! 

She now weighs 14 lbs 3 oz and is 24 & 1/4 inches long. 

Poor baby had to get 3 shots.  They were definitely worse this time, and it completely broke my heart. She ended up with a fever for two days. 

At four months, our girl LOVES to talk, smile, laugh and be tickled. As long as someone is paying attention to her she is usually happy. She really likes when she can see her brother playing and when he talks to her.  Her #1 favorite thing to do is be held, and her happy place is in Mommy's arms. 

She is a little more difficult to get to sleep these days, but once she's good and asleep, she can sleep until 8 am sometimes! Whoo hoo. 

She is exclusively breast fed, and she eats at least every three hours during the day. She can go as long as 10 hours at night.

She does NOT LIKE playing by herself for too long, her car seat, loud noises or a lot of people. She doesn't like to get hungry. She likes for me to know when she's about to be hungry and feed her before it becomes a problem. 

Little Hallie Bell is just a sweetie. I call her my angel baby. We can't get enough of her new little personality and the sweetest smiles ever. She fits in our little family perfectly 😍



Our sweet guy started preschool yesterday. I have gone back and forth too many times to count over the last yer about starting this year (2 years 8 months) or waiting until next fall. We decided to go ahead with a little Mother's Day out program two days a week for three hours. It will give him a chance to meet some new friends, play with some new toys, and hopefully learn a few things in a group setting. Plus, it will give Hallie some alone time with mama.  I just hope we aren't constantly sick from all the germs that will inevitably follow him home.

We got him up extra early yesterday, put him in the shower, and he got a special breakfast. 

When we got there, he walked right in and started playing. We hugged and kissed goodbye, and that was it.  There were a few tears when we picked him up, but only because he saw other Mommies and daddies and was looking for us. He recovered quickly once he found us. The teacher accidentally gave his papers about his day to someone else. She clearly did not understand my type of crazy and that I would treasure those papers forever. She quickly realized by my face I'm guessing, and promised to get them to me next time. 

So far I have heard about a boy in a blue shirt and a girl in an orange shirt. He tried to tell me their names so I will see if they actually exist tomorrow. 😊

We can't believe our little man is already in preschool. I miss him when he's gone, but I know I need to practice for the real thing in a few years. His first night of Awanas is tonight. So much big boy stuff this week! 


Oh Hey, Friday!

This week absolutely flew by with preschool parent night, Dr. visits and birthday parties.  
The weeks are getting shorter, and I blink and the weekend is over.
Time, please oh please slow down.

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We will keep this short and sweet.

1. Griffin hates his potty seat.  I mean HATES it.  He runs from me when it's time to try to go, and begs to get down when he's up there.  He said it hurts his bottom?  I guess we will be going back the store for a plan B because he was doing so well, but he maybe went twice this whole week.  Fingers crossed for better luck next week.

2.  This article about breastfeeding is hilarious and 100% true.  I especially like #43 about moving the glass of water with your mind.  I would add #44. "Dang it, I need to pee!"

3. I shared my maternity photos in this post, and after just clothes shopping for my just had a baby and she's always eating wardrobe, I'm missing my cute bump.  Wouldn't trade her for the world, though.

4.  Speaking of little Miss Hallie Bell, She is 4 months old now, and as sweet as ever.

5.  Griffin and Hallie are just so sweet to watch together, and they don't even know it.  She stops crying when he talks to her, and he is an awesome brother who can't stand to see Sissy sad.

Can you spot the one thing they both got from Mama?

Chin dimples all around!

Happy Friday!


Maternity Photos

I didn't have maternity pictures taken when I was pregnant with Griffin.  I had so much going on with school, birthdays and trying to plan ahead for Christmas, and time just got away from me.  We had a friend who is going to make an awesome photographer take some pictures for us this time, and we love them.  This was exactly one week before I went into labor.  

I have so many favorites.  I was so undecided about this clearance Target dress I somehow squeezed into, but I ended up wearing it to my shower, in these photos, and on Easter so I'd say it was a $13 well spent.


Oh Hey, Friday!

It's Friday Again!  

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We have had company all week, and it has been go, go, go so not much time for blogging or anything else.  It has been nice to have extra hands around the house.

1.  Last week, I mentioned the poo poo in the potty.  I was worried it was a fluke, but he has been going pee pee and poo poo in the potty all week!  I was sooo excited the first time the pee pee was in the potty and not the floor.  He was too! We aren't in big boy undies yet.  Every time we put a pull up on him, he just forgets all about the potty.  We still have some work to do.  I know we need a few days of just big boy underwear and no diapers/pull ups at all.  We will hardly be at home this whole weekend so we will have to wait.  Super glad we are making progress, though.  Go Griffin.

2.  We went to Five Guys the other night on a little Mommy, Daddy & Griffin date.  Our guy had ketchup.  This may not seem like a big deal, but to our little man is set in his ways, and this was very exciting.  He is a good eater, but I can count on two hands the few things he will eat.  

Going potty AND eating ketchup. Whoa boy, you are so big.

3.  Have you seen this YouTube Video of a husband revealing their pregnancy to his wife?  It is so adorable and pretty funny.  I would lose it if Stephen ever did anything like this.

4.  We had a water play day yesterday, and it was awesome.  We had a cousin over to play in the pool, and Griffin and I made our slide into a water slide.  So fun.  

5.  Since we have company, Griffin is our roommate again.  He finds his way to our room most nights anyway, but it is easier to fall asleep in the first place when its only the two of us in the queen size, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy all of the extra snuggles.  Sometimes I wake up and miss him if he's not with us.  Hubby calls it separation anxiety.  I call it mommy love.

See what I mean?

Happy Friday!