Our sweet guy started preschool yesterday. I have gone back and forth too many times to count over the last yer about starting this year (2 years 8 months) or waiting until next fall. We decided to go ahead with a little Mother's Day out program two days a week for three hours. It will give him a chance to meet some new friends, play with some new toys, and hopefully learn a few things in a group setting. Plus, it will give Hallie some alone time with mama.  I just hope we aren't constantly sick from all the germs that will inevitably follow him home.

We got him up extra early yesterday, put him in the shower, and he got a special breakfast. 

When we got there, he walked right in and started playing. We hugged and kissed goodbye, and that was it.  There were a few tears when we picked him up, but only because he saw other Mommies and daddies and was looking for us. He recovered quickly once he found us. The teacher accidentally gave his papers about his day to someone else. She clearly did not understand my type of crazy and that I would treasure those papers forever. She quickly realized by my face I'm guessing, and promised to get them to me next time. 

So far I have heard about a boy in a blue shirt and a girl in an orange shirt. He tried to tell me their names so I will see if they actually exist tomorrow. 😊

We can't believe our little man is already in preschool. I miss him when he's gone, but I know I need to practice for the real thing in a few years. His first night of Awanas is tonight. So much big boy stuff this week! 

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