Oh Hey, Friday!

Oh what a crazy week it has been. We went from a slow, relaxing summer to madness overnight. Both kids are rebelling. Our sweet little girl prefers our quiet house (with the exception of her brother) to birthday parties, church, the store. She calms down the second we get home or the second company leaves. I've never seen anything like it. I can't say I blame her. I've been known to be a bit of a homebody myself.

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1. We were supposed to have family pictures taken this week. It's a longggg story, but I didn't end up with many newborn photos of Hallie. The few I have are great, but our whole family isn't really in them, and it makes me sad. We have a gift certificate for a family session that has been burning a hole in my pocket since 2013. Meant to be used in 2014, but it never worked out. We've been waiting to use it. My sweet husband, BLESS HIS HEART, tried to set something up. He got the date and time so we bought coordinating outfits and waited for her to answer him about the place we picked. Monday came and still nothing. I finally tracked down her phone number and sent her a text. Turns out, she asked him if Monday was fine, and he never answered her. For one month we were planning on these pictures, and she gave the spot to someone else after not hearing back from him for 7 days. Poor guy. In his mind, he said "yeah, sounds great." Maybe he forgot to hit send. We shall never know. This friends, is how we do it over here haha. Never a dull moment. Reschedule you say? Oh, no. Did I mention the photographer is nine months pregnant and being induced in a few days? I knew this could go one of two ways. I could allow steam to come out of my ears and my head spin off like I felt like doing, or I could try my best to remain calm. I'm so glad I wasn't mean to him because He knew it was a big uh oh, and had already left a message for a different photographer for an appointment next week before he even got home. I would have felt terrible. We may be a disorganized mess, but I sure do love that husband of mine.

2. I started teaching my first Sunday school class this week! I have the sweetest little group of kindergartners and the best helper. I have waves of guilt occasionally for not using my teaching degree. Every year about this time, I see and hear about all of the beginning of the new year excitement from teacher friends. Only an ex teacher would day dream of organizing papers, making charts, and using a staple gun to decorate bulletin board after bulletin board. I have always prayed I would be able to stay home with my babies one day, and I know in this stage of life, it's right where I belong. I am beyond blessed to have this little dream of mine come true. I think an hour each week talking about Jesus with a few kindergartners is just what I need! 

3. While I was teaching for the first time, Hallie had her first day in the nursery! I was a little nervous, but she did great. I taught my class, went down to nurse her, and then I made it just in time to hear the sermon. Then, We packed up and went home to enjoy the rest of the day all together. I tried to get some pictures, but she was pretty over the big pink dress by the time I got to it.

Trust me, she looked super sweet in that dress. 

4. Then the big day came, and Griffin went to school for the first time. I posted about that HERE. So far only a few tears, and a whole lotta cute! 

5. All I have to say is thank goodness for good friends with kids who understand little babies who only want Mama and toddlers who lose their minds at Chikfila. I don't know if I could do life without them. Three cheers for iced coffee, chicken minis, and an escape proof play area! 

Happy Friday! 

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