Oh Hey, Friday!

It's Friday Again!  

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We have had company all week, and it has been go, go, go so not much time for blogging or anything else.  It has been nice to have extra hands around the house.

1.  Last week, I mentioned the poo poo in the potty.  I was worried it was a fluke, but he has been going pee pee and poo poo in the potty all week!  I was sooo excited the first time the pee pee was in the potty and not the floor.  He was too! We aren't in big boy undies yet.  Every time we put a pull up on him, he just forgets all about the potty.  We still have some work to do.  I know we need a few days of just big boy underwear and no diapers/pull ups at all.  We will hardly be at home this whole weekend so we will have to wait.  Super glad we are making progress, though.  Go Griffin.

2.  We went to Five Guys the other night on a little Mommy, Daddy & Griffin date.  Our guy had ketchup.  This may not seem like a big deal, but to our little man is set in his ways, and this was very exciting.  He is a good eater, but I can count on two hands the few things he will eat.  

Going potty AND eating ketchup. Whoa boy, you are so big.

3.  Have you seen this YouTube Video of a husband revealing their pregnancy to his wife?  It is so adorable and pretty funny.  I would lose it if Stephen ever did anything like this.

4.  We had a water play day yesterday, and it was awesome.  We had a cousin over to play in the pool, and Griffin and I made our slide into a water slide.  So fun.  

5.  Since we have company, Griffin is our roommate again.  He finds his way to our room most nights anyway, but it is easier to fall asleep in the first place when its only the two of us in the queen size, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy all of the extra snuggles.  Sometimes I wake up and miss him if he's not with us.  Hubby calls it separation anxiety.  I call it mommy love.

See what I mean?

Happy Friday!


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