Hallie Bell 4 Months

Our little Hallie turned 4 months on August 7th. We took her for a check-up on the 13th, and she has grown so much! 

She now weighs 14 lbs 3 oz and is 24 & 1/4 inches long. 

Poor baby had to get 3 shots.  They were definitely worse this time, and it completely broke my heart. She ended up with a fever for two days. 

At four months, our girl LOVES to talk, smile, laugh and be tickled. As long as someone is paying attention to her she is usually happy. She really likes when she can see her brother playing and when he talks to her.  Her #1 favorite thing to do is be held, and her happy place is in Mommy's arms. 

She is a little more difficult to get to sleep these days, but once she's good and asleep, she can sleep until 8 am sometimes! Whoo hoo. 

She is exclusively breast fed, and she eats at least every three hours during the day. She can go as long as 10 hours at night.

She does NOT LIKE playing by herself for too long, her car seat, loud noises or a lot of people. She doesn't like to get hungry. She likes for me to know when she's about to be hungry and feed her before it becomes a problem. 

Little Hallie Bell is just a sweetie. I call her my angel baby. We can't get enough of her new little personality and the sweetest smiles ever. She fits in our little family perfectly 😍

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