Oh Hey, Friday!

This week absolutely flew by with preschool parent night, Dr. visits and birthday parties.  
The weeks are getting shorter, and I blink and the weekend is over.
Time, please oh please slow down.

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We will keep this short and sweet.

1. Griffin hates his potty seat.  I mean HATES it.  He runs from me when it's time to try to go, and begs to get down when he's up there.  He said it hurts his bottom?  I guess we will be going back the store for a plan B because he was doing so well, but he maybe went twice this whole week.  Fingers crossed for better luck next week.

2.  This article about breastfeeding is hilarious and 100% true.  I especially like #43 about moving the glass of water with your mind.  I would add #44. "Dang it, I need to pee!"

3. I shared my maternity photos in this post, and after just clothes shopping for my just had a baby and she's always eating wardrobe, I'm missing my cute bump.  Wouldn't trade her for the world, though.

4.  Speaking of little Miss Hallie Bell, She is 4 months old now, and as sweet as ever.

5.  Griffin and Hallie are just so sweet to watch together, and they don't even know it.  She stops crying when he talks to her, and he is an awesome brother who can't stand to see Sissy sad.

Can you spot the one thing they both got from Mama?

Chin dimples all around!

Happy Friday!

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  1. Awww, they look so sweet together! Love it!