Kentucky Visit

We went to visit Grammie and Papa, Stephen's Parents, a few weeks ago.  His Dad is a preacher, and they moved to Kentucky about 6 months ago.  They have been here to visit several times, and this makes the second trip we have made to Kentucky.  There is just no good way to get there. Just isn't.  Griffin doesn't hate the car, but if he isn't sleepy, he's not in a great mood.  Right now, we travel with our two dogs, Griffin, Mommy and Daddy in my Accord.  Not the best situation.  Our Dear Luna gets carsick and freaks out in the car so she gets to sit up front and relax while I am in the backseat smashed between the car seat and the door with my feet in the seat because we have stuff piled EVERYWHERE.

The good news is I get to take sweet pictures like this:

SO in Love with those lashes.

His parents live in a fun, small town in Kentucky so we decided to go exploring on Saturday.  I wanted to walk around the downtown area and eat something "good" for lunch while sitting outside.  We took forever to get ready and get out the door.  At this point lunch was going to be at 2 pm.  We finally got in the car and rode for three minutes, and Griffin had a projectile incident, soaking himself, his car seat, and the backseat of my car.  Poor Grammie and Papa.  We turned around and decided that was his way of telling us he wanted to hang out at home.

Sunday, we went to church to hear Papa Preach, and he stayed in the service the whole time. Such a good boy.

Well, Grammie was ready for this picture, but no one told Griffin and Papa.

SO cute in his Polo.

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