We have a Crawler!

Sort of...

Our little guy has been rolling and scooting to get where he wants to go for a while now.  This past weekend, he went for it!  It is more like an Army Crawl, but he is on the move!

We have to convince him to crawl by moving all of his toys over to one corner of his quilt in the floor.  He is also obsessed with standing up.  He can do it alone if he is leaning on something steady.  His favorite toy to stand up and play with slides though, and he thinks he can stand up on his own so I sit in the floor 30 minutes at a time keeping this little dude up on his feet.  Whatever makes him happy, and builds those baby leg muscles.  He can sit up perfectly, but he has trouble getting up on his own, but we are thiiiiss close.  I will be stalking him with my phone to catch that on video too! 

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