Sunday Funday

The day pretty much got away from us on Saturday.  We ran errands and cleaned up around the house.  It was 5 o'clock, and we had done nothing fun so we decided to make the most of Sunday.  Hallie and I stayed home for one more week and watched the sermon online, while Daddy and Griffin went off to church.  When they got home, we packed lunches and headed out.  We went to visit a friend with a new baby, and then headed to another friend's house to use their pool while in the hospital having a little one of their own.  We were so excited to have a pool all to ourselves so Griffin could be as wild and crazy as he wanted, and I could nurse Hungry Hallie while watching all of the fun.  Hallie and I were going to get in also, but it decided to monsoon so we had to stay under cover.  I still managed to get some pictures of all of the action.  Thank goodness the iphone 6 can zoom. :)

Clearly our little guy had the time of his life.  If we are ever lucky enough to own a house with a pool one day, he will be the happiest camper.  

We continued the fun later that evening by heading to the drive-in to see the Minion Movie.  We broke every parenting rule known to man since the movie didnt start until after dark.  We baked cookies, ordered a pizza, had popcorn and popsicle.  We watched the first half of the movie and headed out because it was just too hot out for Hallie.  She was sleeping on me, but she over heated and couldn't get comfortable again.  We decided on the way home it was completely worth the trip.  Griffin had so much fun, and that's all that matters.  

We know he is only 2 1/2 and won't remember days like this.  Oh, but WE will.  Seeing our boy have too much fun to handle is the best kind fun for us.  It's totally worth breaking the rules every now and then.  At least he will always have the pictures to look back and know he had some pretty awesome days and was so very loved.

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