Oh Hey, Friday!

Happy Friday Friends!
This week has gone by super fast, and we didn't really do much.  It has been super rainy here, and when it isn't raining, the humidity is NUTS.  We have a ton to do this weekend. 
On the short list we have:
Clean the playroom, sort through toys and make a large donation somewhere
Finish the beautiful wooden front door that has been in the garage for six months
paint the shutters
AND laundry, laundry and more laundry.
We will see how much of that gets done :)

Now for my Friday Five:

1.  About that door.  I want it to look something like this on the outside, and use the same color on the inside.  We do have dark wood floors though so that is holding us up.

I would like something like these, but I'm worried I will hate it and be stuck with it for a year because that's how we do things around here :) (Ahem, our bedroom wall color that I hate, Ahem).

2. iPhone Photos that I love 

I love when I catch them being sweet.

3.  Have you seen those little shorts on the Disney Channel called "TSUM TSUM?"
If not, watch here.
Griffin is OBSESSED with watching these little videos on my phone, and they have little stuffed ones at Target.  We got him the Mickey a while ago, and he just recently requested the rest of them.  And by requested, I mean lay in bed refusing to sleep and repeating all of their names for an HOUR.  It was 11 pm, and I wanted to throw TSUM TSUM Mickey out the window :)

4.  Organizing photos is something I love to do.  It used to be so easy when we would just use our camera for special events and occasions.  Now with our smart phones our whole family takes pictures of every cute expression, outfit, outing, etc.  I LOVE it, don't get me wrong, but it can make sorting through and printing pictures a major task.  When we had Hallie, I started to freak out about all the pictures on my computer of Griffin and our family that I was certain would get lost forever.  That is the cause of this.

And I have 600 more photos waiting in my cart on Snapfish.  We will have photo albums to look at when we are old, if it's the last thing I do!  :)

5.  And finally, it hard to believe this 

was caused by this sweet angel here,

but it was, and is everyday, and I wouldn't change a thing.

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Happy Friday!



  1. Your babies are precious!

    I really want to organize all of our pictures, but every time I start thinking about it I feel completely overwhelmed and opt for a nap instead. I really need to make it happen!

    1. I know the feeling. It's like I am afraid to start because I know I will have to stop in the middle, and that sounds even worse ha.

  2. Those iPhone photos are adorable!