Pregnancy #2

We started trying for baby number two in June 2014.  We agreed we would wait until Griffin was one and half before we started trying again, and I was the Matron of Honor at my BFF's wedding in June so it was the perfect time.  I was a little nervous because patience is not my virtue, and Griffin was somewhat of a surprise.  

On August 2nd, we were heading to a friend's wedding in Nashville, and it was a day or two early, but I wanted to take a test just in case so I wouldn't feel guilty later about my one or two glasses of wine.  And there it was!

We were super excited and a little nervous, but in the best way!

The day we found out.

36 weeks & 38 weeks

Easter 2015
The day before I went into labor.

This pregnancy went by so much faster than my first.  Chasing a toddler around really made the time fly.  it also made morning/all day sickness infinitely worse because sitting down during the day was rare.  After all of that passed, life went back to normal, and we got super excited.  Truthfully, I love being pregnant, and I miss it already.

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