Five on Friday

Happy Friday!  This week has gone by so quickly because we have gone non stop over here.  I'm ready for a relaxing night with my guys and dateline :).  I'm linking up with Carolina Charm, The Good Life, A. Liz Adventures, and Hello Happiness for FIVE on Friday!

1.  On Tuesday I went to the Duck Duck Goose consigment event here in Knoxville.  This thing is HUGE.  We consigned a few things this year, but that was mostly just to do a little spring cleaning and get the consigner pass that comes with it!  These evens are twice a year, and they have them all over the southeast.  I highly recommend going.  I have been four times, and my strategy is to only buy things like dress clothes or brands that would be a splurge regular price.  This year, I came out with several pair of Nike athletic shorts, Ralph Lauren Polos and button ups, and a lot of dress clothes from Baby Gap.  It IS a consignment sale so there is a bit of digging and sorting involved, but I definitely hit the jackpot this year. 

Yep. The cart in front is mine too!

2. I have the best view at bedtime.  They are always sleeping so peacefully when I come lay down for the night.  (The small one is not so peaceful a few hours later).  Also, they are twins.

3.  The cousin who is pregnant is having a BOY! I am so excited for Griffin to have a playmate very soon!  His other cousin lives in Atlanta, along with the rest of that side of the family, so we don't see each other often.  This cousing is going to move to Arkansas, which we are not thrilled about, but our whole family lives here so they will visit LOTS.  We are so happy for them, and can't wait to share our cutest little boy clothes!

4.  We go to the Learning Groove every Thursday morning.  We sing, play with instruments and dance our little hearts out.  This boy was glued to me the first time we went, and five short weeks later, he is loving it.  I love getting to watch him explore and show his personality around other people.  I am one lucky Mama.

5.  We are going to a friend's wedding tomorrow night, and we will be getting pretty dressed up.  I don't do this often anymore.  I found a dress on clearance at Dillards.  I waited until the last minute so hopefully it works.  I am excited, but I feel sorry for my feet already. 

 Happy Friday!

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