Griffin's First Haircut

Today, I'm linking up with Mama & Mou for my favorite Baby Talk Tuesdays.

This weekend, we decided it was time to cut Griffin's hair for the first time.  We have been comments and questions about his "party in the back" for quite sometime.  I figured we should go ahead since his Easter pictures are next weekend.  We have actually had family members fighting over who got to cut it.  So we didn't hurt any feelings, we decided to take him to Frank's Barber Shop here in Knoxville for the first cut.  They can take turns for the next cuts.  He didn't need much so it was super fast.  He didn't cry at all, but he REALLY wanted to see what was happening so I had to distract him with Mickey :)

I only teared up for a second while I was in the chair with him.  I have been putting this off for a good while.  It was time.  He officially looks like a little boy instead of a baby.  So precious :)

All Done!  We went to Frank's because it is super "manly," and they also give you a First Haircut Certificate.  I definitely see Daddy/son Saturday mornings spent at the Barber Shop in our future.  I love it.

And yes, we had strict instructions from the grandparents to pick up every last strand of that precious baby hair.  We looked like fools, but he is so very loved, and I wouldn't trade that for anything :)

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  1. These are the best memories, my mom still has a lock of my hair from my first hair cut! He is to cute! ;)

    God bless,
    XO, Claire