I miss my BUMP

One of my favorite cousins is 20 weeks pregnant.  Neither of us have a sister, and we grew up 5 minutes from one another.  We spent everyday together until I had to grow up and start kindergarten :).  She loves to work out and takes her fitness very seriously to say the least.  I saw her a week ago, and she was feeling large, already.  I told her she is experiencing the best part right now!  She definitely has a bump, but it is still small enough to see toes, shave legs, bend over and many other things she has no clue is about to lose the ability to do.  When I was pregnant, I absolutely could not wait for the day when I could finally show off my bump.


That last picture was 12 days before Griffin was born.  I remember getting dressed to actually go out in public the first few times after he was born.   My cute bump was gone, and my pre-baby clothes just didn't look the same.  I told my cousin she needs to enjoy this while it lasts.  Even if she doesn't enjoy being pregnant as much as I did,  the reward is well, well, worth it :).

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