Oh Hey, Friday!

Bring on the three day weekend! We have had a crazy few weeks over here laying tile in the kitchen (finally) and out of town family here for a surprise 75th birthday extravaganza. We have zero plans this weekend other than watching college football, Go Vols!, and getting our big girl some new pjs.

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Here's my five:

1. We are on a preschool roller coaster over here. Last Thursday, we went to pick up Griffin from school only to find out he cried the entire three hours. Not only did he cry, he sat by the window the whole time we were gone. I can't handle that. That's too long. We went back and forth about sending him anyway since he is only two and a half, if he started next fall, he would still go two whole years before kindergarten. Tuesday, I got called to pick him up at 10:30, but he stayed the whole time Thursday, only crying on and off. Fingers crossed for a better week next week. 

2. Griffin started a little mommy/daddy and me soccer class on Tuesday, and he loved it! He could not stop smiling and giggling, and he tried so hard. Soccer was just what the Dr. Ordered after our traumatizing morning of preschool. He talked about Coach Derrick (pronounced coach Dewict) on the way home, and then my heart exploded.

3. I think my sweet girl is teething, and I'm nervous.  Griffin would cry the day of, pop through and tooth, and was happy again.  I have heard horror stories from mom friends.  We will see how this goes.

4. It's Football Time in Tennessee!! Well tomorrow! We both graduated from UT, and there is nothing like a Tennessee football game. The game this week is in Nashville, and most of our friends are going. We will make it to a few games this year, but babysitting a 4 month old who is exclusively breastfed and doesn't love a bottle is kind of a tall order for the grandparents at this point so we are choosing the games wisely. Nonetheless, we will be tailgating and watching at home in our best orange. 

5. With all that said, on Fridays, we wear Orange! 

Happy Friday! 

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