Pinday Wednesday

There are tons of recipes for crockpot meals I am dying to try.  Mornings are Hallie's happiest time, and Griffin is usually content to play with his toys without constant Mommy entertainment before lunch so its the way to go if we want to have dinner on the table  before 7-8.  We tried a  crockpt lasagna recipe  last night, and it was pretty good!  

Find the recipe HERE.

I did tweek it a little bit. I skipped the mushrooms since I knew Griffin wouldn't  eat them and added a chopped onion and half of a red pepper when I browned the meat. We really liked it, but next time, we may not use all of the cheese. 

We cooked it for four hours and then enjoyed with some sauted broccoli and sliced bread with pesto. 

This one is a Pinterest win for sure! 

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