Our Weekend

This weekend was a good one (even with the tough loss). Friday night my best friend and her husband came over for pizza and an "ice ceam shamich," as Griffin says.  Griffin loves her so much and so do I. She is growing on little Miss Hallie Bell. She was showing her momma's girl side and stayed with me almost all night.

That Fall feeling stuck around through he weekend, and my parents were camping at Indian Boundary so we loaded up on Saturday and took a beautiful, hour and a half ride to visit them.

 We roasted hot dogs and marshmallows and played at the campsite before heading out for a few adventures. 

We drove on a very curvy road to get a look at a beautiful waterfall called Bald River Falls. It was right on the road so I was nervous, and Griffin hated being held the whole time, but it was worth it. Little Sis was mesmerized! 

Then we headed home, and everyone in the backseat napped the whole way. Hallelujah. We got home just in time to cheer on the Vols and get our hopes up, only to have them completely crushed in overtime. Well, there's always next week :)

Happy Monday!

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